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Undying Love, part 3
Chapter 3
Don’t Let Them Take Me
The noise continued.
Thump thump. Thump thump.
It was unmistakable – definitely a heartbeat. But…that was impossible, wasn’t it? No matter what Paul did, where he bit, clawed, or scratched, there was no way that a heart so long dormant could beat again. Was there?
“Edward?” I whispered. “Edward?”
No response. But he was alive, I was sure of it. More alive than he had been in a hundred years. His heart was beating.
Then I noticed movement. His muscular chest began to rise and fall, slowly but steadily. His lips were still slightly parted, and as I passed my trembling fingers over his face, I felt warm breath. He was alive.
I hadn’t thought it possible, but more tears streamed down my cheeks in rapid succession. He was alive…my Edward was alive. We could be together, we could hold each other, kiss each other. Life would have a meaning.
But would it? Would he still love me? Would he still care for m
:iconcaptainkoala-7:Captainkoala-7 28 26
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Undying Love, Part 2
Chapter 2
That’s What You Get
My Bella…my fiancée…soon to be my wife.
Alice had blackmailed her yesterday into going to the mall with her. Eventually, she relented, on the condition that Alice would not force her into Victoria’s Secret. Alice was disappointed, as was I, but still managed to buy half the mall.
Tonight, Bella wore a plain pink t-shirt on top of black and pink polka-dot pajama shorts. I’d have to compliment her on those - they showed off quite a bit more leg than the gym uniform did. She was so beautiful…so absurdly beautiful…and she loved me. That was what astonished me. That somebody so wonderful, so kind, so loving, so…so Bella. And she loved me.
I stared at her beloved face as she visited, once more, the world of dreams. A world where there was peace and happiness. Anything could happen in this world of dreams.
In a few weeks, she would never dream again.
I had agreed to take away her humanity, in return for an eter
:iconcaptainkoala-7:Captainkoala-7 28 43
books. by xmeganxdanielle books. :iconxmeganxdanielle:xmeganxdanielle 50 132
Undying Love, Part 1
Chapter 1
Are You Serious?
(E POV) little Bella…
I gazed at her sleeping angel’s form, twitching every so often in the blankets covering her. How I loved her…it was rather pathetic how quickly my affection for her grew to obsession. She claimed to love me, but all it can ever be for her is a crush. She said so herself, though she says that the words were merely to deter her mother.
But in the off chance that she really did love me, I wished that I could give her more than I currently was. But if I tried, it might endanger her life – something I was, under no circumstances, willing to risk.
I longed to be normal for her, to give her things a human could give her.
A hug that wasn’t cold.
A kiss that wasn’t deadly.
A life that wasn’t damned.
She seemed so willing to accept these things. I could not let myself hope that…that maybe…she could love me. That would explain all that is absurd about her. Why she stayed with me,
:iconcaptainkoala-7:Captainkoala-7 38 21
Kingdom Hearts Belle by SimonPovey Kingdom Hearts Belle :iconsimonpovey:SimonPovey 1,450 186 etreinte by Linka06 etreinte :iconlinka06:Linka06 5 2
Kiss Me
Kiss me out of the bearded barley
Nightly, beside the green, green grass
Swing, swing, swing the spinning step
You wear those shoes and I will wear that dress.
I was on absolute high, swinging into the skies into freedom of never-ending dreams. Never-ending love. All doors had been opened. It was perfect. It was a perfect night, the perfect day…Everything was just so perfect.
We sat there watching as the sun lingered on the horizon and then slowly drifted down into the ground to sleep as the moon rose into the air to claim complete dominance of the night sky. Edward clasped my hand and we were both sprawled across the green lawn of a small nearby park, just laying there under a tree in a deserted park. Whoever thought parks would ever be deserted? But then again…It was a very old park that people had probably forgotten about years and years ago…
When he had first asked me if I liked to swing I had no idea to any standards as to what he was planning. Swing dancing? Swingers? Who would h
:iconlights-sin:Lights-Sin 22 28



United States
Current Residence: Wonderland.... wanna visit?
Favourite genre of music: All (when I say all, I mean ALL) gen. rule --light country, no R&B, hip hop or rap
Favourite style of art: Really into anime right now and Disney, and... fan art.
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: iPod, I've become really talented in the inner workings of an iPod.
Shell of choice: Sea Shell, of course. (<that's a joke)
Wallpaper of choice: Other people's art work (little do you know, I borrow your work and slap it on my wallpaper)
Skin of choice: negitives, dunno why, I just like them.
Favourite cartoon character: Alice from "Alice in Wonderland" (just so darn curious..), the Mad Hatter and ZOIDBURG!!
Personal Quote: "I drag behind." -- Placebo.
  • Listening to: &quot;Vampire&quot; by Antsy Pants
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  • Playing: The Name Game
  • Eating: Chocolate Cheesecake
  • Drinking: Water
I need a band name. It's for a rock band whose lead singer/guitarist is a 18 year old girl by the name of Milo (as in Venus De), the rest of the members are guys about the same age.

So far the only name I have is: The Mock Turtle Persisted.

That's cool right?

I dunno. Suggestions helpful.


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